• Our service

    We have been an international shipping intermediary for a wide variety of goods for more than 30 years and, over these years, have become adept at shipping cargo correctly and on time. You can, therefore, confidently entrust your cargo to us.

  • Charter and transporting

    We have extensive knowledge of waterways, products and the shipping and transport markets. Due to our personal and direct contact with all involved parties, we are able to provide excellent support throughout all the processes.

    This includes taking care of your entire administrative process; including obtaining and processing documentation for loading and unloading, transhipment and everything else needed to organise transport effectively.

    Please read our General Terms and Conditions.

  • Safety and efficiency

    Safety and efficiency are spearheads of our service and we treat these subjects very seriously. This is illustrated by the fact that we hold the following crucial certificates: GMP+, ISO9001 and NIWO.

  • Modern equipment

    Our state-of-the-art communication equipment facilitates optimal cooperation with a huge number of motor vessels. Our captains can reach us 24/7 enabling us to coordinate any incidents centrally and immediately.

Direct contact

Jasper Roes


+31(0)6 205 94 051

Maaike Roes


+31(0)6 236 49 513

Arianne Kroon


+31(0)10 414 42 48

Bianca Nortier


+31 (0)10 414 42 48